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Subsea Power Systems

Use of high-power electric motors for running subsea pumps and compressors is on the rise, and more traditional subsea systems are becoming more complex in terms of extended step-out lengths, increased number and power consumption of subsea nodes, and superimposed signal communication at higher frequencies.

At Unitech Power Systems we are experienced in all related electric power analyses required to ensure power system/supply functionality, including long step-out motor drives. Although there are as yet no subsea  high voltage power distribution systems in existence, we have all related system know-how in-house.

High-quality electric parameters of subsea cables and (power) umbilicals are key input data to any successful subsea power system analysis.  Our personnel have in-depth experience from several years of modeling such cables/umbilicals, including full-scale measurements for model verification. Developed modeling techniques are known to result in highly realistic, computed parameters.

The world of subsea engineering is generally multi-disciplinary, particularly with respect to electric power. For example, small phase-imbalance effects in the power system might have a huge impact on corrosion aspects. Electromagnetic crosstalk, neutral earthing philosophy, and coupled electro-thermal considerations and analyses are only examples of issues to be addressed during system design/definition.

Our personnel has in-depth experience with engineering for subsea power projects since the mid-1990s, as well as massive experience with subsea cable and umbilical design and manufacturing. 

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