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Measurements and operations support

In spite of advanced protection and monitoring systems, it is sometimes only measurements that can explain what is really going on. For plants where all required calculations have been made it will still, from time to time, be necessary to conduct measurements to verify that the plant is working as expected.

Unitech Power Systems AS has engineers with the certificates and experience necessary to visit plants and do measurements with specialized instruments. This may be necessary to clarify the root causes for unintended incidents. Such incidents may be component failures or unexpected power system behavior - for example trips that happen for no apparent reason. Our engineers investigate such incidents on a regular basis. Sometimes it is sufficient to analyse the plant from our offices, but from time to time the cause can only be found by visiting the plant and carrying out the measurements required.

Our collection of instruments includes instruments for measurements of voltage quality, power system dynamics, electrical transients and ground continuity. Measurements can be done manually during plant visits or instruments can be set up for automatic logging over time.

Also, we regularly do measurements in our clients' plants to verify analyses carried out by ourselves or others. Such measurements do not only confirm the analyses, they also contribute to continuous improvement and calibration of the models and parameters that are used in calculations. Measurements ensure that the models built for the plant are validated and ready for use at a later date - for example in connection with modification projects or incident investigations.

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