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Power Electronics and Drives

Power Electronics systems form increasingly large and important parts of any industrial power system. Power electronics are present in variable speed drives (VSD), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), thyristor controlled heaters and many other systems. In offshore electrification projects (power from shore) and in connection with very large VSD, technologies previously typical only in transmission grids may also come into play in industrial power systems: High voltage direct current (HVDC) transmissions and static VAr systems (SVS) such as static VAr compensators (SVC) or static compensators (STATCOM).

The use of power electronics systems are mostly justified by substantial benefits over conventional systems. VSD systems provide large energy savings, improved process control and reduced machine wear compared with conventional systems; UPS systems provide power to critical consumers during power outages; HVDC systems provide long distance power transmission where AC systems cannot reach or where the grids at each end are not synchronized; and SVSs provide reactive power compensation and voltage stabilization.

However, power electronics systems also present challenges, for example harmonics which are a concern with respect to electromagnetic compatibility and resonances. The operating characteristics of power electronics systems are in many cases quite different from those of conventional systems so that modified operation and protection strategies may be required. Some power electronics systems are sensitive to disturbances and may trip to prevent equipment failures even upon disturbances that many conventional systems might ride through.

Unitech Power Systems provides competence and knowledge of power electronics systems, their application in industrial power systems, and design of power systems in which power electronics systems are key components. This knowledge is routinely used in all our projects in which power electronics systems are present but not necessarily the main topic of the study.

In some of our projects, power electronics are the center of attention. Examples of projects in this category are:

  • Technology assessments
  • Nuisance trip investigations
  • Harmonics - measurements and analyses
  • Failure (root cause) investigations
  • Specifications
  • Bid evaluations
  • Operation philosophies
  • Design and development

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