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High Voltage Cable Transmission Systems

High voltage cable transmission systems are chosen increasingly often for transmission of electrical energy, both for onshore and offshore transmission applications.

In the oil and gas industry the primary driver is reduction of carbon emissions by energising oil and gas installations from the onshore electrical power system. Onshore the typical driver is environmental aspects and public resistance towards overhead lines. Further, the offshore wind industry use high voltage power cable systems to a large scale for transmitting the generated electrical power to shore. In addition to the above, high voltage cable systems are typically used for bulk power transfer between countries.

Common to all these different applications is the need to do in-depth electrical power systems studies to assess the impact of introducing power cables in the network. The different aspects to consider in AC networks is well described in Cigré technical brochure no 556 Power system technical performance issues related to the application of long HVAC cable. Unitech Power Systems have extensive in-house expertise and calculations tools to consider all relevant aspects.

Within the competence area of high voltage cable transmission systems Unitech Power Systems can offer extensive experience in engineering, design, manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning of high voltage AC and DC cable systems, as well as in-depth analysis of the electrical power system characteristics. Unitech Power Systems also offer thermal analyses of power cables, and we develop systems for Real-Time Thermal Rating of such cables. Additionally, Unitech can offer wide contractual and managerial expertise within the competence area.

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