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Power Management Systems

A stable and reliable power supply is a pre-requisite for efficient operation of any industrial plant; in particular for energy intensive systems, in which an unscheduled trip could result in several days of lost production (typical for offshore oil & gas facitilies). Proper management and control of the available power sources and consumers is crucial. This applies to grid connected systems as well as to island systems for which public electricity supply is not available.

Efficient energy management is becoming increasingly important with the growing environmental consciousness and more stringent statutory regulations.

One main objective for the power management and distribution control system is to balance the continuously changing power demand with the available power from the producers/sources, thus avoiding disturbances or even black-outs. A sudden and unexpected loss or degrading of a power source requires rapid disconnection of the corresponding amount of load in a prioritized manner

A well designed functional power management systems is carefully coordinated with the electrical protection relay settings. Unitech Power Systems has a competent and knowledgeable team of engineers in the fields of power management systems as well as protection device coordination and electrical system design and analysis.

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