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Energy and Environment

Both CO2 and NOX are harmful emissions that are generated when hydrocarbons are burned. Emissions of both are taxed in Norway as an incentive from the authorities to make the industry reduce emissions.

Much of the energy use in the industry is given by decisions made during the project phase. It is important to select concepts, systems and equipment that reduce the energy use and the emissions as far as reasonably possible.

If energy consumption is not adequately addressed during concept and engineering stages, the result can be an economically suboptimal operation with:

  • Oversized equipment
  • Large losses and poor efficiency in equipment
  • Lack of interest for well recognized energy saving solutions
  • Lack of insight in the energy use
  • Lack of interest in alternative solutions such as electrification and hybridization

As a consequence, when asked, many industry operators have only a vague idea about the amount of energy they actually use.

Unitech Power Systems have over 30 years experience within specialized power system studies. Our team includes complementary knowledge of all power and energy systems aspects.

We assist our customers with:

  • Ensuring compliance with ISO 14001 and ISO 50001
  • Establish, maintain and operate energy management systems
  • Key knowledge of “where to look” for energy savings
  • Turning complex energy concept descriptions into terms that are understandable for all
  • Vendor independent advice
  • Write applications to relevant funds (such as Enova, The Norwegian NOx Fund, The Norwegian Research Council)
  • CO2 abatement cost calculations
  • Environment agency inspections assistance
  • All aspects of electrification

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