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Power from shore to offshore installations

Unitech Power Systems AS has, on an assignment from the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority, conducted a competence development study (in Norwegian) to give a broader basis for evaluation of power from shore in comparison with conventional solutions. The purpose of the report is to provide a comprehensive overview of selected operators' experience with external power supply to installations.

The report is compiled with basis in received documentation from four operators of installations that have power supply from shore or power supply from another installation.

In addition, four full-day workshops with the operators have been held. In the workshops, the operators' experiences with external power supply have been reviewed and discussed systematically and compared with conventional solutions with onboard power stations.

The main conclusions are that there are several positive effects of power from shore or from another installation:

  • The installation's weight is reduced
  • The amount of maintenance required is reduced
  • The number of personell on board is reduced
  • The work environment is improved
  • The risk for gas leaks and fire is reduced
  • The commissioning of the systems are simpler and quicker
  • The removal of the installation is simpler

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