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Our history

Unitech Power Systems AS' origin was Unitech Engineering A/S which was founded on 1 October 1985. Among the eight founders was Inge Bent Kindem who is currently General Manager of Unitech Power Systems. All the founders were originally employed by Norsk Engineering A/S.

When Unitech Engineering was established, shares in were also sold to RE Contractor and Norsk Hammerverk AS. In the summer of 1988, Unitech Engineering employees acquired all the shares from RE Contractor and Norsk Hammerverk AS. The goal was that only employees should be shareholders in Unitech Engineering A/S.

Unitech Engineering's business idea was to provide consulting engineer services within the electrical and instrument disciplines - onshore and offshore. Technical drawing was also a service offered.

In the summer of 1992, Unitech Holding A/S was established and acquired all shares in Unitech Engineering A/S. For a short period of time, Unitech Holding also held shares in Unitech Skipsservice AS and Skogen Elektriske AS. A subsidiary for recruting engineers in England was also established: Unitech Engineering Ltd.

In the 1990's Unitech Engineering was increasingly focused on hiring out engineers and at the same time increasingly specialized within electrical system studies. In addition, the company had great success with becoming an agent for EDSA. At the time, software tools for electrical system analyses was in great demand and EDSA became a preferred software package for such analyses.

As time passed, it became increasingly difficult to agree on a common strategy for Unitech Engineering which in 1998 had close to 100 employees - mainly within multidisciplin hiring out of engineers on one hand and specialized electrical system studies and the EDSA agency on the other. Unitech Power Systems AS was established on 20 March 1998, owned by Unitech Holding. Unitech Power Systems AS' activities, electrical system studies and the EDSA agency, had become specialized to a point at which the "engineering" term was no longer appropriate.

By New Year 2000 it was decided that the ownership of Unitech Holding should be changed. Inge Bent Kindem, Arild Larsen and Bjørn Bungum held about 40 % of the shares in Unitech Holding, and these three share holders were given control of Unitech Power Systems. The remaining share holders were given control of Unitech Engineering A/S which at the time was relatively big in hiring out technical personnel within all disciplines.

On 12 April 2000, Kindem & Co. AS was established in a demerger of Unitech Holding. Kindem & Co. became the sole owner of Unitech Power Systems AS, had eight employees and moved into Forusbeen 78 in Stavanger.

On 1 October 2009 the Oslo office was established, with a single employee. As of January 2012 more engineers became employed at the Oslo office, which moved to its present location in Pilestredet 28 in downtown Oslo.

Due to large growth it became necessary in 2013 to move the Stavanger offices - which was split in two locations - to larger offices in Jåttåvågveien 18, co-locating the two Stavanger offices. Later, an office in Fredrikstad has been established as well.

Until 7 February 2022 Unitech Power Systems AS was owned in its entirety by six employees with General Manager Inge Bent Kindem as the main shareholder. Effective 7 Februar 2022 all shares were sold to Aker Solutions Holding AS. After the change ownership Unitech Power Systems AS will continue to operate as a separate legal entity with the same company/brand name, registration number, bank account, management, and employees and will continue to offer the same services as before to its customers.

As of March 2023, Unitech Power Systems AS has 37 employees.

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