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Power Analytics Corporation

Power Analytics is a US based privately owned company that develops the Paladin® suite of electrical power system software products (formerly called EDSA)

Founded in 1983, the company’s Paladin® software products have been used in all parts of the worldwide industry in all project phases from early feasibility studies to long term operation and maintenance of industrial plants.

Unitech Power Systems have had strong business relations with Power Analytics (formerly EDSA Micro Corporation) for more than 25 years and is partner, software distributor, system integrator and authorized training centre for the Paladin Software Products in Europe.

We have established Paladin DesignBase as a brand name for power system studies within European Oil & Gas business and sold approximately 300 licenses in Europe, Middle East and Asia and trained more than 3 000 engineers during these years.

Our analysis team, which includes close to 30 electrical power system specialists and advisers, has modelled and simulated several thousand facilities in EDSA Paladin DesignBase and is a main player in electrical design, review and operation support within Oil & Gas industry. Ours team has also deep knowledge in the use of other software tools available on the market.

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