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Paladin Live

Paladin Live is a real time system for electrical generation and distribution systems. It involves functionality aimed at early fault detection, simulation and switching operation support, energy and loss optimization, surveillance and diagnostics

A simulation model of the electrical facility is continuously updated in real time, based on circuit breaker status, load conditions and more. The simulator calculates load flow, losses, operating voltages, degree of utilization of generation, distribution and load components. Optionally, additional calculations can also be performed in real time, like SC fault levels and arc energy. 

The simulator can be switched into a contingency mode in which the current operating conditions are used as basis to simulate the effects of switching operations or load changes prior to execution. This feature also allows for loss and energy optimization as an operations support tool.

Paladin Live key function overview

  • Early fault detection in electrical generation and distribution systems
  • Memory based pattern recognition system used for e.g. vibration, temperatures in windings and bearings, partial discharge measurements
  • Signal comparison through use of derived signals
  • Real time load flow analysis with comparison between measured and calculated quantities. Can include power loss, voltages, currents, power flows, and more. Options for other real time calculations.
  • Simulation mode were switching operations and load changes can be simulated before being executed
  • Diagnostic tools related to compact database with trending of measured and calculated quantities
  • Interfacing of power quality measurement equipment, waveform capture, harmonics, database trending
  • Paladin Live can be interfaced as third party equipment through PI server outside FW
  • Web based user interface, requires only PC with Internet Explorer 

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