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Power Analytics offers DesignBase in two different packages: Basic and Premium. Both packages are without node limitations, which means you can model and analyze as large network models as you need

The Basic Package includes:

  • Modeling Environment

  • Built-in electrical grid element library

  • Advanced Power Flow (includes 1-Phase Power Flow and Advanced Motor Starting)

  • AC Short Circuit, 3-phase ANSI/IEEE/IEC909

  • AC Single Phase Short Circuit

  • AC Arc Flash Evaluation (NFPA 70E 2012 and IEEE 1584)

  • AC & DC System Protective Device Coordination

  • Electrical Schedules

  • Bare Wire Sizing

  • Generator Set Sizing

  • Short Line Parameters

  • NEC Wire Sizing

  • Advanced Substation Grounding Grid Design 3-D plotting

  • Cable Pulling

  • Shielding Effectiveness

  • Cable Ampacity (Neher McGrath and IEC)

  • Transmission Line Parameters

  • Transmission Line Sag and Tension

  • Induction Motor Parameters

  • Computation of Impedance Parameters – Synchronous Motor Parameters

  • Capacitor Sizing and Optimization

  • Battery Sizing

  • AC Short Circuit IEC 36


The Premium Package includes the Basic Package programs plus these additional programs:

  • Advanced Transient Stability Analysis with Model Builder

  • Harmonics Analysis with Automatic Filter Sizing

  • Voltage Stability & Contingency Analysis

  • Impedance Relay Coordination

  • Power System Optimization (PSO)

  • Load Forecasting

  • Integrated AC/DC Load Flow

  • DC Power Flow

  • DC Short Circuit Classical & IEC 61660

  • DC Arc Flash

  • EMTAP (Electromagnetic Transient Analysis)

  • Reliability Analysis

  • AC Voltage Profile

  • Unbalanced Load Flow

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